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Thanks for your helpful article Bill. I agree wholeheartedly that we need more expository preaching. I’d be interested in yours others comments: I’ve NEVER heard an expository sermon in a Charismatic church. Fabrizio Viti speaks with a smooth yet highly polished spontaneity. But his mellow tone doesn’t clash with his 1.95 metre stature, or his cowboy esque upper lip that was punched up by a madman in Milan, when he stepped in to defend a girl from her abusive boyfriend. “Did you know I play with dolls?” he asks, inviting me to follow him to the bedroom in his Paris apartment on Rue de Babylone, in the building where Saint Laurent lived for years..

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The two items that were conventional and not worth ordering were the Steamed Prawn and Scallion Rice Roll ($5.98), and the Pan Fried Dried Scallop, Preserved Meat, and Chinese Radish Pudding ($5.38). I did enjoy the use of fresh jumbo prawns that came with great textures, and the crispy edges on the radish pudding were very good too. Since we were searching for unique, innovative flavors, the profiles of these items were too ordinary to worth the price..