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They contend that there is a twofold application of these three doctrinal terms an actual application for those who believe, a provisional application for those who die in unbelief. The historic point or consistent Calvinist2 asserts that these terms have no substitutionary reference with respect to the non elect. In contrast to the former who hold to an indefinite atonement, the consistent Calvinist, who holds to a definite atonement, sees no purpose, benefit or comfort in a redemption that does not redeem, a propitiation that does not propitiate or a reconciliation that does not reconcile, which would be the case if these terms were applicable to the non elect (‘Propitiation in 1 John 2:2’)..

La scena è ripresa dal Vangelo dello Pseudo Matteo (13:3) dove si racconta che al parto di Maria abbiano assistito due levatrici. La prima, Zelomi, dopo la nascita di Cristo constatò che la Madonna era ancora vergine, ma la seconda, Salome (un san Tommaso al femminile), non le credette e perse l della mano mentre stava verificando anche lei l dell di Maria. Il primo miracolo di Gesù fu quello di ridare l della mano a Salome dopo che lo lavò..

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Stan Hugill scrive: will now run through those worksongs woven around the word Hilo is a port in the Hawaiian group, and, although occasionally shellbacks may have been referring to this locality, usually it was a port in South America of which they were singing Peruvian nitrate port of Ilo. But in some of these Hilo shanties it was not a port, either in Hawaii or Peru, to which they were referring. Sometimes the word was a substitute for a a or even a And in some cases the word was used as a verb somebody or something.

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