Golden Goose Oro

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All of this productivity has happened fairly recently: In 2009, when current CEO Krista Donaldson joined the organization, D Rev had a lot of good ideas that weren’t going anywhere. Now the organization is working hard to bridge the “valley of death” that place between prototyping and bringing products to market. Here’s how they’re doing it..

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Any law, of any kind that places a label on people for enforcing the law, always manages to be circumvented by alternative options that beg do you draw the line? Why stop at 10 round clips? Why not make all handguns shot? Or if you feel generous on those of us who want to protect ourselves from criminals, who put stolen AK 47s in the back seat to spray a human target with, why not allow us to carry handguns with as many as FIVE round clips? I got a better scenario for you Your law gets passed, and Congress makes it illegal for any handgun to have more than a NINE round capacity, INCLUDING one in the chamber. Are you going to have a law that says no person can carry more than one handgun? Remember, LAWS are used by LAWFUL people, while UNLAWFUL people won give a crap. But let answer the first question: You going to have laws that say lawfully registered carry permit holding civilians can only carry ONE gun?.