Golden Goose Luxury

4) la strofa in Harding B 11(158) (in corsivo) riprese anche da Muireann dice: Nancy, dearest Nancy, with me you cannot stay (that a thing that can be so). Our colonel he gives order (The colonel, he has ordered) no woman there shall go. We must forget (forsake) our own sweethearts, besides (likewise) our native soil, And go fight the blacks and heathens on the banks of the Nile.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)This messy business took place less than a year ago so bitterness is understandable. The Sun (2014)The process was neither messy nor expensive. Times, Sunday Times (2007)This was at a time when he was going through a messy and public divorce.

Jack Martin and I asked the Journal to address the Sibel Edmonds case several weeks ago. The pertinent part of her Congressional testimony occurred in closed session. Ralph Nader and Daniel Ellesberg have written editorials in support of an investigation.

Rispecchiano quel mondo e per chi non ne sa nulla possono anche spiazzare. Questo perché da noi non siamo abituati alla spontaneità in poesia, al fatto che essa rappresenti ed esalti momenti di vita di una grande intensità pur nella loro semplicità e quotidianità. E venuto anche a leggere le sue poesie alla Locanda Pincelli di Selva Malvezzi vicino a Bologna.

O. C. Di Pronto Soccorso dell’azienda ULSS 7, si è svolto uno studio mirato a rilevare l’influenza dei protocolli di Fast Track sui tempi di permanenza in Pronto Soccorso in una fascia d’utenza codificata come bassa priorità d’urgenza. Christianity Today (2000) Song thrush: in serious decline due to habitat destruction. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Wearing one for 12 hours a day can lead to skin chafing as well as infections caused by thrush or bacteria. The Sun (2014)If it is traumatised, the lining will not be as resistant as it was to infection by thrush or other usually harmless organisms.

If English were really to be threatened in the EU, the Irish would have to revise their choice. Because English was so predominant everywhere else, they chose Gaelic to strengthen that language, which IMHO was a wise choice in the circumstances.The British have to defend their language in the face of all the other versions. My parents used to laugh at a sign in a shop they knew in Bombay/Mumbai: ‘English spoken, American understood.’ My father’s comment was that they probably should have written ‘Anglo Indian spoken, American understood.’EUglish is not always the same as English spoken in the UK, and many expressions clearly show the influence of other languages..

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